Big Bear City

With a population of 9,882, Big Bear City is the largest town in Big Bear Valley. Big Bear City is an unincorporated community surrounded east of Big Bear Lake. It’s western boundary is defined by Division Drive.

Historically, Big Bear City’s claim to fame was the Peter Pan Woodland Club and Pan Hot Springs Inn in the early 1900s.

The Peter Pan Woodland Club was built to promote the new community of Big Bear City in 1930. The entrance to the community was at Big Bear Boulevard and Division Drive, where twin bear statues stood holding an arch over the street. The two bears are still there, but moved to the side at the corner on the Twin Bear Rental property.

Primarily residential, Big Bear City’s business district mainly runs along Big Bear Boulevard and around the Big Bear City Airport. The Community Arts Theater Society’s home is located in Big Bear City at the CATS Warehouse. The Big Bear Valley Historical Society’s Museum is also in Big Bear City.end of the Valley toward Onyx Summit.